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Mold Testimonials

Find out why Mold Inspections Los Angeles is a favorite among many other environmental firms specializing in mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The top choice of thousand of people.

Amazing Service” is just a common phrase used by many people and other environmental companies in the local Los Angeles area to describe Fun Guy Mold Inspections and its good news for those seeking the most from a mold inspection & testing service.

Robert Santanastasio is known for his honesty and integrity. Find out what people are saying about this mold inspection company in Los Angeles.

Steve T, Eagle Rock, CA

Robert was AMAZING, he made the process easy to deal with and was very professional and courteous of the situation we were dealing with. Highly recommended. Thanks Robert!!

Mo K, Los Angeles, CA

No one wants to deal with a mold problem, but Robert from Fun Guy Inspection made the ordeal a lot less painful. He was punctual, friendly, and thorough, and I’d recommend their company to anyone who has the unfortunate situation of a mold problem.

Stephen S. , Los Angeles, CA

If you’re ever so unfortunate to require a mold inspection in your home, this company is the real deal! I found them on the internet after browsing and speaking with over 8 different mold inspection companies. The guy who helped me is Robert and he is an ANGEL!!! The whole process of evaluating mold, and if there is, remediation of the mold, and then finally the repair of the demo can be REALLY STRESSFUL.

Robert is seriously an expert and answered all of my questions. He really went above and beyond when, even after the results came out, he was still willing to talk to me about the remediation process, many many other questions I had, recommendations to remediation companies, explaining in detail the verbiage of the mold report, and recommendations on some other things I’ve heard from mold remediation companies.

What I was most impressed with is that he was helping me with keeping costs down. For places he knew there wouldn’t be mold, he just told me. He could have charged me more by sampling as much as he could but he didn’t.

Jennifer C, Los Angeles, CA