Mold Test

Mold Test Survey

  • Is the water damage new?
  • Do you see visible moisture damage on the walls or floors?
  • Do you smell any odors in the room?
  • Does the mold appear black?
  • Do you notice mold on the surrounding furniture or clothing?

Mold Testing should be Performed by a Mold Inspection Professional to provide you with the most reliable results possible.

Sampling: Mold Inspectors will use the Industry Standards to perform Mold Testing and Analysis. During your Mold Test the use of a Calibrated pump and a Spore Trap help accumulate mold spores for laboratory analysis.

Lab Analysis of mold spores is completed by direct microscopic identification within the laboratory. Lab Techs read each of the Mold Samples that are received an Provide the Mold Inspection Company with a set of Results that are analyzed and reported to you.

Results of the Mold Test are Reported to You after the Inspector has had a Chance to Compare the Indoor and outdoor Mold Spore Concentrations.Results can typically be expressed in below, normal, or above normal tolerances.

Safety and Exposure Limits have not been assessed within the Sate of California. Speak with a Mold Inspector today to discuss your Mold Test Results.

Home Mold Test have a degree of reliability, but often lend themselves to produce a positive result most of the time. Expression of a positive result does not indicate a unhealthy level of mold spores in the air.