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Ever wonder what that odor is? ...When you sitting all alone and your start to sneeze.  Could it be from that one time when you never dried out the water on the floor?   You think there is still a little water damage.  Could there be mold?  If this has crossed your mind, then please

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About us

We are group of inspectors dedicated to helping our clients with a wide variety of inspection services including mold inspections, asbestos surveys, lead sampling, allergen testing, bacteria sewage screening and more.  Every job is different and therefore requires individual attention to detail, of which, I know each inspector is completely capable of completing.

We strive to provide you with an honest opinion shared by industry professional and consultants alike.  For more specific answers about your project, please contact us today.

Mold Inspection Los Angeles

Mold Inspection Los Angeles

Our Services

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    Mold Inspections
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    Asbestos Surveys
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    Mold Testing and Lab Analysis
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    Water Damage Inspections
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    Lead Inspections
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    Allergen Testing and Bacteria Sampling

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Always on Time

We always strive to be at your home 10 min prior to the inspection.  If for some reason the LA traffic holds us up, you will receive a notification with an new arrival time.


Good Experience

Every job is different and requires a specific amount of detail to deliver a quality inspection and report.  Our Mold Inspection reports include recommendations for mold removal.



Every inspector is Certified for mold inspection, asbestos testing, or lead sampling.  We strive to meet local, state, federal, and industry related standards.  

What Our Customers Have to Say

“We've worked with several companies over the last several years and this company really stood our above the rest.  It wasn't just the professional standards, but the quality and care taken during the entire inspection process.  I recommend! ”

Neil Larson

Property Supervisor

“We typically use Mold Inspection Los Angeles for our real estate inspections.  Prior to the purchase of every property, our clients enjoy the benefits of the mold inspection.  These guys usually point out details that go unnoticed by the general home inspector.”

Albert Johnstone

Real Estate Agent

“I was really happy we called Mold Inspection Los Angeles after our sink overflowed and got the bathroom and hallway wet.  They saved us thousand of dollar in mold remediation cost by managing our project and working with the water damage team ”

Jane Singleton

Home Owner

Mold Inspection Los Angeles 

Mold is a common problem in areas where humidity and moisture level is high. We deliver our best mold inspection services in Los Angeles CA to help you get rid of this problem. If your walls, floors or ceilings have black spots of mold then stop wasting time and trust our capabilities. Our inspectors have tools and experience to reach the inaccessible corners of your homes where molds hide. Not only that but our rates are also nominal. We have a solution to curb all mold problems. We have labs where we conduct a complete analysis of the type of mold that we find in your home.

Asbestos Inspection Los Angeles CA

Still, there are homes in Los Angeles CA where people have asbestos used as an insulating material however, collateral harm of asbestos is undeniable. Therefore, our best asbestos inspection company offers its services at your doorstep. You have the chance to get your asbestos checked and fixed timely. Our services save you and your family from asbestosis. We are one of the most affordable asbestos inspection companies. Asbestos is a very hazardous material and its exposure can cause diseases. Mold Inspections Los Angeles CA is the company that saves you from asbestos-related predicaments. 

ADA Inspection Company in Los Angeles

You can hire our best ADA inspection company in Los Angeles CA before you face any lawsuit. We inspect properties and find if they meet the standards. Our team suggests ways and methods of improving your property so that you can avoid any unpleasant situation. All facilities in your property have to be in the direct access of the disabled even if you do not have any disabled person in your home. We know the laws and standards that you need to meet. Our contractors delivering the best ADA inspection services are one call away.

When it comes to your property we make them perfect up to the hilt in Los Angeles CA.

Mold Testing Los Angeles

Mold affects the life and beauty of homes. They start growing on walls and if you let them unattended, then mold can spread in the complete home.  However, there is nothing to be bothered about when we are here with us. Our inspectors visit your home and they keenly observe every corner. Our dedication and customer-centric approach make us the best mold testing company in town. We save your homes and buildings from deterioration and vandalism. We analyze all types of molds and use the most apposite solution to cure their attack.

Los Angeles Lead Testing Company

Our lead risk assessment services cover the complete inspection of your property for the amount of lead present there. We inspect air, water, and soil and find the amount of lead. Our lead testing services not only include testing, but we find ways of curing if excess of lead is found at your place. Hire our lead testing services for residential or commercial sites and minimize the chances of lead concentration.

No place can be livable if there are too many allergens and germs thereby, for the sake of your hygiene we bring our allergen testing services in Los Angeles CA. Our team conducts a survey of your home or building and find the level of allergens present in the area. We notify alarming situations before it is too late to do anything.  We take the statistics of indoor and outdoor air pollutants and informs the clients. Not only that but we suggest way outs as well.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Every problems is only seconds away from a solution. Our secret? Hard, passionate work and we Love what we do!


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