Mold looks and smells; even its thought makes you feel uncomfortable. Household mold is very common and represents a significant health threat if left untreated. Mold can lead to respiratory distress to household damage. Once you know the presence of mold at your place, pay immediate attention, evaluate the situation, and hire some mold remediation company so they can deal with the problem authoritatively. 

What is Mold?

A fungus produced by expelling microscopic bacterium into the environment. Once these spores land in any damp area, they start growing and the spread has the potential to cause damage and corrosion. 

Different Types of Mold

As per the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, there are tens of thousands of types. Few of them are;

  • Alternaria – cause asthma
  • Aureobasidium – cause eye and skin infections
  • Black Mold – release mycotoxins and cause fatigue, burning sensation in your airways
  • Ulocladium – cause skin infections and difficulty in breathing
  • Pink Mold – normally a harmless but if it gets into eyes, can cause infection

How to Get Rid of Mold

Just like there are ample mold types, to handle them there are various removal methods. You can do it yourself but to determine what kind of mold is this, might be pretty difficult for you. So is better to hire some professionals to do the job in the best way. There is a huge list of things to consider while hiring mold remediation services in Los Angeles. Let’s see what are the most important stuff to keep in mind;Mold remediation is a multistep process based on mold inspection, mold-kill, remove dead fungi, and sterilize the surface to protect its regrowth. A professional team for mold remediation follows the below-explained steps;

  1. 1Inspect Mold
  2. 2Sampling or mold testing to identify the type of mold, the team can skip this step if they already know the severity of mold.
  1. 2Identify and Fix Source
  2. 3The mold remediation company experts will check your attic, ducts, and all such areas that normally experience mold growth. They have infrared scanners and probes to sort out hidden seepage or water leakages. 
  1. 3Dispose of Mold Materials
  2. 4If you hire mold removal services in Los Angeles, they will properly pack and dispose of the infested stuff which is beyond repair or disinfect. Mattresses, pillows, and other spongy items are all susceptible because absorbing water and mold is easy for them.
  1. 4Dry the Infected Surfaces
  2. 5The professional and certified team uses the HEPA vacuum to get rid of mold, dust, and debris from the air to evade future contamination. If the situation is more severe, there is an option of using a dry ice vacuum; once the drying process will be completed, they will clean the leftovers with a damp clean cloth.
  1. 5Restoring Damaged Stuff
  2. 6This step included restoring structural damage caused due to mold or the removal procedure. Sometimes the mold remediation experts offer fabric restoration and cleaning carpets. This is what you would not be getting from all the companies working in this sector but this is up to you to check before hiring them whether they are offering the service or not.
  1. 6Future Prevention
  2. 7Once the mold removal process is completed, you can talk to the professionals if they don’t initiate how to reduce or eliminate the chances of future mold growth.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the important factors that you have to keep in mind before hiring a mold remediation service provider. If there is some ambiguity, you must clear by asking them.

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