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Mold Inspections Los Angeles

Mold can be harmful to the people living in homes, if not located and treated quickly by the experts. Mold can grow easily in many places and can be found on shower curtains, on your basement floor or on your kitchen sink, in the form of black spots or white patches. When mold grows in your home, you can often smell it or even the wet building materials. Although you are not allergic to it, your eyes, nose, skin, lungs, etc can get irritated by the continuous exposure to the mold. Before any irreversible effects occur, you should get it inspected, tested, and then treated by the professionals and save yourself from adverse problems like asthma, shortness of breath, red eyes, skin rashes, etc. We are a team of professionals with lots of experience and hence, we can provide mold inspection and removal services. We are in this business since 2007 and have served thousands of clients in and around Los Angeles.

What is Mold?

Mold is nothing but a fungus consisting of small organisms and it can be white, red, purple, black or green. It flourishes mostly in moisture and has the tendency to reproduce into tiny spores that travel through the air.

Mold can grow on your walls, furniture, carpet, floors, etc and in places where there is dampness in your homes like bathroom, basements, kitchens or laundry rooms.

When the mold keeps growing in your homes, it is important for you to take help from experts for removal and also, to restore the place where the mold occurred.

Mold Inspections Los Angeles is a leading company in Los Angeles that will not only inspect your homes for mold but also remove them and restore the place so that it doesn’t occur again. We are specialists in providing mold inspections, lab services, Infrared detection, water damage and mold removal services to everyone within the Los Angeles area. We have an accomplished team of experts for each service that help us in providing only the best to all our clients. Our main aim is to offer professional mold inspection and removal services to the people in Los Angeles and keep them away from respiratory diseases.

Mold Inspection And Removal Services

We follow set of guidelines during the inspection, testing and removal of mold from indoor places. We ensure that proper steps are followed during various procedures.

  • We conduct surveys for identifying the conditions for mold growth at indoor places
  • We inspect the overall site and record measurements such as humidity, temperature and level of moisture
  • Then the samples are collected carefully for testing purposes
  • After testing, an assessment report is made that includes measurements taken, location, visual observations made, etc. We also include analyse of the samples taken by the licensed mold specialist during your inspection
  • We then develop a plan for the building for mold removal and prevention of further mold growth

Mold Inspections Los Angeles

  • We have an IAQ certification from ACAC that qualifies us to provide services for indoor environmental issues.
  • We use latest tools and equipment for all our services including mold inspection and removal, infrared detection and for lab services
  • We provide our services to individual homes, offices, residential complexes and commercial establishments
  • Each mold sample is analysed by an independent lab and hence, the samples are evaluated by microscopy trained professional
  • We use Thermal Imaging technique to visually display an area’s thermal condition during the property inspection
  • The analysis is also done for asbestos and bacteria in addition to the mold at the indoor places

With our dedicated and unique services, we have made a loyal base of clients, who come back to hire our professional services. We continuously make efforts to improve all the services we render and ensure that the end client is fully satisfied. We offer our services at agreed timelines and also, we provide guaranteed support to all our esteemed customers.