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CNN’s Dr. Gupta Reports: Poor Indoor Air Quality in Schools

The condition of Americas’ schools and the health hazards posed by poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

According to CNN an estimated 14 million American children attend public schools that are in urgent need of extensive repair or replacement and have unhealthy environmental conditions, including poor air quality, unsafe drinking water and inadequate safety systems.  Read more > >

Mold News May2009 Indoor Allergens

Indoor allergens include products left by dust mites, cockroach, rats, birds, pet dander and mold.  Each indoor allergen exposure usually occurs indoors.

There are generally two ways to deal with indoor allergens.  One may choose to remove the source of the indoor contaminant.  Or, one can attempt to control the source.

It is also important to understand that there allergies are a complex relationship between genetics and the environment.

Dust mites are a known allergen that prompted the study of indoor allergens.  Patients who experienced severe skin rashes indoor were tested with household dust, different from their own environment.  Controlling the environment will reduce the symptoms in an allergic individual and at the same time increase the risk of developing in high risk individuals.

Third and Fourth Quarter Growth

Mold Inspections Los Angeles is currently establishing a new office in the city of Woodland Hills, CA.  The office will be a the head quarters of Mold Inspections Los Angeles.  Employees and hygienist will be able to acquire testing equipment and supplies at this facility.

Quality Control

Our team of inspectors at Mold Inspections Los Angeles are precise and aware of extracting mold samples from your property.  Inspectors with four year degree in the Baccalaureate Sciences are used because of their extensive exposure to microbial samples and acquisition.  Our samples follow the COC chain of custody procedures and ensure complete delivery to an AIHI accredited laboratory.

Open House

All clients and affiliates will be invited to our open house scheduled soon in our new Woodland Hills location.  Please call for further details.