Most Important Mold Fact?

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Mold Smells, Odors, and More Mold Will Grow within 72 Hours After the initial water intrusion occurs consider a timely attack with drying, dehumidification, and restoring the building materials to their natural condition. Odors created by water intrusion are a combination of wet building materials, glues, insulation, and mold or bacteria. Wet Building Odor, usually considered a musty or damp smell, is considered one of the First Indicators of Water Intrusion in a Building. If no Visible Moisture Indicators are Present, Odor is a Strong and Viable Method of Investigating for Mold. During an Investigation a Mold Inspection Specialist will Usually Conduct a Sampling of the Air Quality and Test for Mold Spores.This Process is Usually Completed with a Spore Trap Device Inside the Reported Area and Outside as a Baseline. The Mold Inspector will Compare the Indoor and Outdoor Mold Spore Results and Determine if the Odor is Related to the Growth of Mold.

All Odors should not be Considered Water Damage or Mold Problem. Other Odors May Exist and Additional Investigation of the Furniture, Building Materials, Cleaning Products, and