Good Mold, Gone Bad?

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Here we compare the good and bad molds.  Creating controversy about the age old questions, “is Black Mold the Bad Mold?”  A common theory perceived by many people and distorted by the media is the concept of Black mold.  It has been known mostly as the evil villain that lurks in the  shadows of building, homes, and families alike.  Yet, we know of more common and useful molds.For example “Penicillium” is well known fungi/mold used to culture cheese and create medicine when used correctly.With the excess amount of indoor humidity these molds are capable of taking over an entire home and causing extensive contamination.Yes, Molds can appear Black, Green, Grey, or Yellow and be relatively harmless in normal conditions.

Conversely, any of these molds in elevated concentrations inside your  home would be considered abnormal and cause a mold inspections specialist concern