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Have you ever lived in a home that you thought was making you or your family sick?  

If the conditions for Mold growth are available, Black Mold will grow indoors and may cause indoor air quality related problems!

Mold Inspections Los Angeles is dedicated to helping you find the solutions to improve the Quality of your Life.

Reliable Controls

Reliable Controls


Is your Mold Black, Green, Grey or Yellow?
Is your mold green or do you have black mold, fuzzy like the photo on the left? If so, there are several types of mold that may grow this color, including Penicillium or Aspergillus, Stachybotrys, Chaetomium or Ulocladium. Mold may grow this color when building materials have experienced water damage. If your mold looks this color - Click more Help.

News Report:  "Water Damage can Cause Changes in Your Building!  Mold?"
If you have experienced short term, or have had long term water damage problems and have not called a Mold Remediation company to dry the structure, then the Chances of Mold Growth indoors is Possible.  Immediate Water Damage, Slow Moisture Problems, or Sewage Back ups can all have damaging effects on your building. If you have experienced water damage and would like a mold report on the current conditions of you building, then call Mold Inspections Los Angeles today and speak with a Certified Mold Inspection Specialist today 888.399.3994.

If you Smell Damp Odors or Have Allergies, then Call Today 888.399.3994
Have you Noticed an Odor or Change in Your Home or Building's Environment? Think it maybe Mold?  Changes in our Buildings can Indicate a Source of Moisture, Mildew, Bacteria and Even Mold as areas of Increased Humidity or Water Damage began to surface.  Learn More about your building by talking with a Certified Mold Inspector at Mold Inspections Los Angeles 888.399.3994.

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Step #1 - Inspect for Mold & Water Damage                           Call  888.399.3994
A mold inspection will involve looking at the building materials for signs of water damage and black mold growth. A third party Industrial Hygienist or certified mold inspector can provide valuable information about your building's conditions. The goal of any investigation should be to confirm the presence or absence of mold growth.

Step #2 - Mold Removal (mold remediation)
A certified mold removal professional should be contacted to remove the moldy building materials. The EPA and the NY DOH breakdown the various mold remediation techniques and methods. Using the appropriate controls depends on the size of the contamination, the occupying individuals and the competency of the workers involved with the mold remediation. Use a professional mold removal/remediation company can assure your project is completed right the first time.

Step #3 Post Remediation Testing                              Custom Quote  888.399.3994
the Certification or Post Remediation Test for Mold will determine if Your Mold Removal Company has Completed the Removal of Mold Correctly.  If the Removal of Mold was completed Successfully the Certificate of Clearance Can be written by You Certified Mold Inspector. 

Water Damage Industry indicates that mold will began growing 48-72 hours (2-3 days) after water has damaged the building materials, wall or flooring. Determining what parts of the building are wet and how wet they are, will help you or your professional decide on the proper methods for restoration. A building that has been wet, should never be left alone to dry on it own. Call and speak to our staff at Mold Inspections Los Angeles 888.399.3994.

Is a Mold Inspection Right for Me?
Concerned about your health or recent water damage? Don't expose yourself or your family to the problems that have been associated with mold exposure; increased asthma reactions, runny eyes, stuffed up nose, rashes, headaches, flu like symptoms. . . .  Let us help you determine if a building may be making you sick. If you live in a building and suspect mold growth conditions, then call today.

What does a complete Mold Inspection provide for me?
A Mold Inspection should be conducted by a Certified Mold Inspector or Certified Industrial Hygienist. A complete mold inspection should include a visual investigation for mold, a moisture assessment of wet building materials, analysis by an AIHA accredited laboratory, a written mold report and most importantly recommendations for removal of the contaminated materials.

Providing Solutions!  Mold Inspections Los Angeles                    Call 888.399.3994
Many occupants of residential and commercial buildings (such as renters, owners, and guests) seek to understand the indoor environment when moist or humid conditions lead to concerns about indoor mold growth and ultimately a change in the building's natural conditions. Learn more about your current building conditions by getting a mold inspection, call and speak to our staff at Mold Inspections Los Angeles 888.399.3994.

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What Is A Toxic, Black Mold Inspection?
A mold inspection could help determine the truth about the real indoor air quality of your home or office.

A mold Inspection will include several basics that are standard in the mold inspection industry.  

A  Mold Inspection conducted by a Certified Mold Inspector should include a visual identification of moisture damaged areas and possible mold growth conditions.

A Moisture Meter Assessment should be conducted to evaluate building conditions after a water damage or flood.  Mold Samples (Air or Surface) and Mold testing will illustrate the type of mold growth.  

A Summary Mold Inspection Report (with recommendations) in detail should establish preliminary mold remediation guidelines. A Laboratory Analysis should be completed by an AIHA Accredited Laboratory.

What Next? In the next stage you must understand your recommendations of the Mold Inspection Company and decide what to do with the information. Is Mold Remediation recommend by the Mold Inspection Professional due to the presence of mold or water damaged materials?

Mold Samples Include Airborne Mold Spore Samples, Surface Swab Samples for Mold, Tape and Slide Samples, Dust and Allergen Testing, Mold Spore Identification, Mold Spore Analysis. (all can be taken during a mold inspection) LEARN MORE>>>>.

The Best Toxic Black Mold Inspection/Inspectors in Los Angeles?™
Many mold inspectors are conducting mold testing in Los Angeles's buildings all the time.  So what separates one mold inspection company from another?  Our mold inspections do not complete mold remediation or mold removal.  Our Mold Inspectors are certified by the ACAC and each carry current mold certificates. Our staff and mold inspectors are friendly, easy to understand and you can rely on them to get your job done right. 

Mold inspectors may take mold samples, a mold test, or allergy test within your home, office, or building.  Mold Testing by a mold inspector may indicate the need for mold removal, toxic mold decontamination and mold remediation. 

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What Next? After mold testing, do I need to call a Mold Remediation company?

Black Mold Remediation, Los Angeles

If Mold Remediation is right for you, then the process of mold removal begins by getting various quotes from local Mold Remediation firms.  Mold removal completed by a professional black Mold Remediation company will remove the mold from the building and then dry the structure accordingly.  Learn More>>>>

Do I get a Mold Certificate?  What is a Black Mold Certificate? A toxic black Mold Inspection will involve a number of different steps including; a visual mold inspection, moisture testing, and lab analysis.  The certificate is obtained when the lab analysis returns and the results reflect acceptable indoor air quality.  Upon receipt of the "good" results, A formal mold report should include you mold certificate "lab analysis" and validate that the area has passed inspection.  The steps involved to complete this transaction will normally involve a Preliminary Mold Inspection, Certified Mold Remediation, & A Post Remediation Mold Inspection.

Mold Testing after Mold Remediation?  Testing is recommended.  A Post Remediation Mold Inspection can illustrate if your building's condition has been returned to normal.  Many times Mold Inspectors will confirm that the toxic Mold has not been removed completely.  You should continue Mold Testing until the Mold Inspector has confirmed the building has been restored to its natural condition.

Toxic Mold Inspections and Toxic Black Mold Remediation Help Guide Serving the greater Los Angeles area including: Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Malibu, Calabasas, Las Virgenes, Thousand Oaks, West Hills, Woodland Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks,

Local Mold Remediation Company: Highlight in June 2009!! 

Controlled Environmental Solutions, CES, Van Nuys CA  14736 Arminta St., Van Nuys, CA 91402 We at Controlled Environmental Solutions have taken great pride over the years in our management approach to environmental abatement. (800) 646-6226, Contact Bud: (818) 787-4430.

American Technologies Inc., ATI,  Chatsworth, CA 91311   American Technologies, Inc. is a leader in business continuity and disaster recovery services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.  We are a family-owned operation with a staff numbering 600 with 10 regional branches located across the United States.  Contact:  Grace (818) 700-5060.

BIP Water Damage & Restoration Services, 14850 Aztec St., Sylmar, CA 91342.  We specialize in water damage and mold remediation services throughout all of Southern California.  Habla Espanol.  Contact Pablo: (818)658-5389

Mold Remediation Los Angeles

Toxic Black Mold Remediation  Remediation is defined as the act or process of correcting a fault or deficiency.  When Toxic black mold remediation occurs within a building the main efforts of the black mold remediation contractor is to remove the biological contaminants (bacterial or fungal).  Containment of the immediate area is accomplished with plastic and tape to secure the Black Mold remediation enclosure to the wall and or ceiling.  The goal of the mold remediation, combined with worker and client safety, has been used in procedures such as asbestos.  This proven method of separating the work area and the living area is recommended to prevent cross contamination.

Is there really such a thing as a "Free Mold Inspections?"    Usually not!  This maybe a Mold Remediation Firm looking to source more business and farm more leads.  It maybe in your best interest to stay away from these companies. 

What Do I do after a Toxic Mold Remediation?  After the contaminated black toxic mold products have been removed from your home, a Post Remediation Mold Inspection should be completed. Then it is time to rebuild the area, by putting drywall and other materials back on the walls.  For more than one reason, toxic black mold can not be scrubbed from the surface of a wall and the contaminated materials should always be removed.  Bleach can only do so much, no matter what you have read on the internet about toxic black mold.

A Mold Inspection will provide you with information that will help you determine your best strategies to solve your black mold problem.  A toxic black mold inspection will help you determine the source of moisture intrusion or possibly the actual origin of the water.  Buyer Beware:  Toxic Black Mold Inspector may sample your home, but each Black Mold Report should arrive with a SCOPE of REMEDIATION telling your mold remediation contactor the preliminary steps on how to start your black mold remediation project.

Mold Inspections Los Angeles - Recent News

Top Story - April 2009  Every home owner suffers the same problems, sometime together in a tragedy or other times individually when a random pipe burst.  Many times a faulty pipe or busted water heater can rupture during a vacation and cause flooding within your home.  Toxic black mold will often appear within 24-48 hours.  the appearance of mold may not show up for several days, but the trigger for black mold to grow has been pulled.   Without adequate drying fanning and removal of building products accumulation of mold growth is most eminent. 

What happens after you discover that your home has been affected by black mold growth?  The first step a home owner will take is to call their insurance company to see if Black Mold is covered under their policy.  Other people will begin researching the cost of a mold inspection and attempt to decide if their problem is big or small, based on the black mold inspectors home investigation.  Buyer Beware:  If you think that you can obtain a free toxic mold test, you are mistaken.  Everything costs money.  Certified Toxic Black mold Inspections that are FREE are usually completed by mold remediation companies.  These companies do not use Certified toxic black mold inspectors to visit your home and will only tell you as much as you already know.  Something needs to be done.  All free mold inspection companies hope to make money out of your misfortune.  Choose a qualified advocate to assist you in detailing your toxic mold problem with a written mold report and lab samples.  If you decide to paint the surface and encapsulate over the mold; you are effectively covering up the results of the water damaged materials and truly masking a potential black mold problem.  Mold may appear to be many colors such as black mold, green mold, gray mold or yellow mold.  .

Mold Inspections include a walkthrough of the property, moisture assessment and subsequent sampling with laboratory analysis.  Mold Inspections: should be completed on a property after a walkthrough or human profile study suggests; when no other pollutants or physical conditions can account for symptoms. EPA, Common IAQ Measurements - A General Guide, pg 117

"A permanent solution to microbial contamination involves not only cleaning and disinfection, but also modification of the environment to prevent re-growth", EPA, Building Air Quality, Section 7, Pg. 102.

Full service indoor air quality control for mold assessment and mold remediation. Mold assessment includes mold inspection mold testing such as mold air sampling, mold surface sampling and mold bulk sampling. , mold remediation includes toxic mold removal, black mold removal, toxic mold clean up and black mold clean up for existing commercial and residential properties in Orange County and Los Angeles areas. From mold assessment (mold inspection and toxic mold testing) to complete mold remediation (mold removal and mold decontamination) Environmental C & R offers our customers peace of mind and complete indoor environmental health

Follow the three easy steps 1)  Call Mold Inspections Los Angeles to schedule an appointment to view your property 2)  Schedule mold remediation  3)  Call Mold Inspections Los Angeles to ensure all mold has been removed after the mold remediation.

Moisture Assessment: At any given time, building products have a natural tendency to retain moisture. Excess amount of moisture can cause building materials to perpetuate mold growth. Moisture conditions above 20% in wood products and over 50-60% in gypsum and wallboard are suspect conditions for microbial mold and bacterial growth. Moisture conditions can be introduced into a building by a variety of factors. Fresh water contamination can occur from a fresh water plumbing line, a roof top, or a flooded sink or plumbing receptacle. Gray water contamination: is a release of water from a dirtier source such as a washing machine, shower pan, or garbage disposal. Black water contamination: Usually these type of moisture intrusions originate from a toilet or sewer line and contains the a high concentration of bacteria/mold within the water.

Mold Inspections Los Angeles:  moisture intrusion investigation is necessary to help located the perimeter of the water damaged materials.  Areas within this zone should be investigated for mold growth.  If mold growth is observed, removal is usually recommended.  Building materials can be dried with proper control of relative humidity (dehumidification),, increase ventilation and material removal. 


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Mold Tip #12

Is there really a "Free Mold Inspection?"    Usually not!  This maybe a Mold Remediation Firm looking to find  more business.  A Mold Inspection should cost between $300-700.00 on average and include a Certified Mold Inspector.

Mold Tip #13

Can Bleach Kill Mold?  Yes, when growth occurs hard non-porous surfaces, such as tile & concrete. Drywall and other porous surfaces should be removed by a professional.  Check out the IESO Standards.

Mold Tip #14

Why hire a mold inspection co.?  A 3rd party assessment & Lab analysis of your building's condition will provide you with a honest, un biased and scientific report with answers to difficult questions.  Mold Inspections Los Angeles uses EMLAB for all mold test samples.